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Investment/Partnership Opportunities


Betty Boop

Lilac and Tan


No brindle No Pied 

This partnership is a no brainer when it comes to making your money back. This girl is a lilac and tan full fluffy that carries cream no brindle no pied. When paired with ANY stud she will create GOLD! Imagine what we can produce putting her with any of my new studs, specifically BOSS. The return on investment possibilities are incredible! She comes from a litter of 7 and her mother came from a litter of 6... so although that doesnt always mean she will have large litters the odds are very good that she will! 

She does have a cosmetic extra piece of skin on the corner of her eyelid- we have seen this a few times over the years in different unrelated lines- the ophthalmologist has let us know that its congenital not genetic meaning it happens in utero while the puppy is developing- it can be left or it can be removed- our personal vet can remove them around 3-4 months and it was only about $800. 

Partnership Terms 

$50,000 Buy-In

This co-own has 2 options- Option 1 is Split one litter and then pay me an additional 50k to own her outright for the last 2-3 litters OR Option 2 is co-own and split every litter. Betty is an intial investment of $50,000 regardless of the options chosen above we just allow the option of a full buyout if desired. 

When it comes time to breed her we will agree on a stud to use to her. Any of my studs may be used for free- any outside stud we will split the stud fee 50/50. 

  • All medical bills (routine vet care, shots, etc will be your responsibility) 

  • Any emergency bills will be your responsibility

  • Any breeding related expenses (progesterone, AI, csection, puppy DNA, etc will be split 50/50) 

  • All puppies will be split evenly 50/50 

  • You have the option AFTER the first litter to buy me out of the co-own for the 50k and then the remaining 2-3 litters are yours or we continue to co-own 50/50 



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