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Our Breeding Philosophy



We believe that owning and breeding the French Bulldog is not a right but a privilege. As such we feel that we hold a large responsibility to the future of the breed. Our number one priority is to give our dogs the best possible life that we can. Our dogs enjoy living as part of the family in our home. We typically breed around 2 litters per year and each of our litters are carefully planned with health, temperament, and structure in mind. Many of our crosses are planned years in advance as we are careful to match up pedigrees and research genetics when we purchase new dogs.


First and foremost I believe that the health of a dog is of number

one priority. There is nothing worse than watching your beloved

pet in agonizing pain because of a genetic defect. Although

breeders cannot "guarantee" that these conditions wont happen,

we do our best to test our breeding stock and give the dog the

best genetic odds of having a long and healthy life. 


Our puppies are born via c-section with a highly qualified veterinarian and I stay right there                                                                    through the whole process to help them take their first breath. At 3                                                          days old we start Early Neurological Stimulation which has been                                                                proven to not only create more stable temperaments but gives them                                                        an advantage in overall health. Once their eyes are open they are                                                              exposed to a variety of people including our toddler and a variety of                                                        young children. As they grow we introduce them to different surfaces,                                                      sights and sounds. Our puppies learn to enjoy going on car rides,                                                              playing in the grass, climbing and playing on different surfaces and                                                          meeting the other dogs. We do everything we can to give our puppies the best head start which makes them eager to learn so they can reach their full potential.  We also begin housetraining and crate training before they leave for their new new owners the benefit of a well established and well adjusted family pet. 


We are always open to learning new ways to raise better

puppies and change our raising practices, however you can

be assured that our morals when it comes to health will

never change. 


If you have any questions about our breeding philosophy

or how our puppies are raised, please give us a call, we are

happy to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.


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