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Behind the Scenes of puppy raising


The first few weeks the puppies are in our bedroom where I can monitor them 24/7...mamma dog also has her own private outdoor potty area  


As they get older the blankets are changed out for pee pads and the puppies are given a 5 weeks there is usually ZERO accidents on the bed and the whole litter is using the potty pads


We have an incubator complete with an oxygen concentrator and nebulizer. We also always have fresh frozen plasma on hand along with all the necessary whelping supplies.


As you can see they have a place to potty and a place to sleet, also notice the kitty in the picture...she likes to interact with the babies 


We have created an activity box where the toys hang and the puppies get used to all different also keeps the toys out of the food :) 


In late 2018 we have "completed" (always adding goodies) to our puppy room! Im so excited to have this room for the puppies. It is fully monitored with cameras, temperature controlled and just perfect for raising the puppies! 

puppy room.jpg

This room is also perfect for grooming our adult dogs (notice the grooming table) Decorations coming soon as well as some exciting outdoor puppy play areas 


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