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Lilac Fawn carries "a"

b/b d/d ay/a ky/ky

Patellas OFA normal-#FBU-PA2271/14M/P-PI

Cardiac OFA normal- #FBU-CA2240/14M/P-PI

Tracheal Hypoplasia- -#FBU-TRH195/14M-PI

Juvenile Hereditary Cataracts- DNA Clear 

Hyperuricosuria- DNA Clear

Canine Multifocal Retinopathy- DNA Clear

Stud Fee- $4,000

Ryu is one of a kind! He has never met a stranger...outgoing personality and always aiming to please. He is happiest with a toy in his mouth and a person by his side. To top off his great temperament he has structure and pedigree to die for. 


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