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We met our first French Bulldog when we were raising and showing French Shepherds. We were smitten with that little dog and knew that one day we would share our lives with at least one French Bulldog.


We spent the next few years researching breeders, bloodlines and learning all we could about the breed. After all that research we found our first French wasnt an easy search...we had very specific requirements for temperament, health and structure.


All our dogs are part of our family and raised with our children and other dogs. As of 2019 we have 3 children, 9,4, and 2. The dogs and puppies LOVE children. One of our favorite things about this breed is how loving and sweet they are to not only us but others. 

We have a long history of training, breeding and competing with our dogs. In 2003 I started with agility competions with my pet miniature schnauzer and it was only a few years later that I got my first Border Collie. I then found a passion in sheep herding and competitions. That has continued to this day. I have some of the best mentors in the dog world. Molly Wisecarver, is not only the most accomplished herding trainer in the country, she is also a breeder of merit, and was named AKC's herding breeder of the year! With her help I 

have been quite successful in herding at a national level with my 

Border Collies and have also completed all the requirements 

necessary to be a breeder of merit with AKC as well. My other 

mentor is Jeri Holton, a German Shepherd and Malinois breeder 

for over 30 years. With the help and guidance of these women 

I have been able to build a successful breeding program with 

healthy, well structured French Bulldogs. 

I do take on full time mentoring other breeders occasionally,

however, it does take a lot of time to be a full time mentor...

so at this time I am not currently taking on any full time understudies but I am ALWAYS happy to answer any questions you might have about breeding, pedigrees, DNA, and raising. Breeders helping breeders is what makes this so special. Creating friendships along the way is icing on the cake. Please never hesitate to reach out via text or email if you have any questions I can help with! 



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