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Investment/Partnership Opportunities



Lilac and Tan Merle 


No brindle No Pied 

This is one that we have really struggled with letting go! He is our Drip replacement- both are lilac and tan merle fluffies but Avocado doesnt carry brindle which makes him more appealing for stud services for most people. 

On top of his incredible DNA his structure is just incredible, nice and thick with a really short back and flat face! 

We are looking for a co-owner that will help promote and push this boy so we can both make great money on stud services. He will make a huge impact in your personal program as well...the pedigree combines 2 of the best bloodlines in fluffies right now he should stay small and compact and be an incredible asset. 

Partnership Terms 

$60,000 Buy-In

This co-own is only until Avocado turns 2 at that time you will own him outright and not have to split anymore fees- this will skyrocket your program and then allow you to continue growing without having to split. 

  • This co-own will be complete when Avocado turns 2 years old- at which that time registration will go to partner (you) and dog will then be owned outright.  

  • Dog will live with you but registration will stay in my name until Avocados 2nd Birthday 

  • All females you own/co-own as well as any females I own/co-own can be used without paying a fee (until Avocados 2nd Birthday then I can no longer use him without paying a fee) 

  • All outside stud services are split 50/50 (until Avocados 2nd Birthday) 

  • All vet expenses are responsibility of partner (you)



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