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Working Stud Available! 



Ready to work in January! 

Platinum Lilac and Tan carries

Isabella Chocolate AND FLUFFY!

No brindle No Pied 

This boy is incredibly rare and will make some of the rarest frenchies in the world! He is a year old and knows how to be collected and has excellent swimmers! 

Bugatti is 19 pounds- will still have some filling out to do but I would be surprised if he gets to be 25 pounds. 

This dog will make an IMMEDIATE impact on your own program as well as give you the opportunity to sell stud services and make your initial investment back quickly. Opportunities like this with a dog that is almost ready to work dont come around often if at all- you will be able to begin making your investment back much quicker with this boy. 





Phyllis                                   YOLO


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